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    This is what I want my first tattoo to be o

    This is what I want my first tattoo to be o

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    "Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength."
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    "Love is warming.
    Please take a step back from
    anything called “love” that’s leaving you cold."
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    Comfy bed + books = heaven.

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    My idea of heaven consists of all the things I would go to hell for

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    "You should know…

    between your legs,
    lies a garden of
    And I can’t wait to kiss your
    Water you until wet,
    And lay over you
    like the Sun."
     Dean Steed, ”Tulips” (via cosmofilius)

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    Tian Provençal - Named after the earthenware dish used for both serving and cooking, this French vegetable dish from Provence is one that will surely impress your guests. Eight ingredients is all it takes, plus a little artistic effort that makes it ever-so-pretty.

    Baking it concentrates all of the flavours and celebrates these beautiful summer vegetables. If you’re not the artistic type, forego the radial pattern and layer the vegetables like a lasagne. It’ll be just as good…RECIPE

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    "Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet."
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    Hügelkultur (German, meaning “hill culture” or “mound culture”) is the garden concept of building raised beds over decaying wood piles. Decayed timbers become porous and retain moisture while releasing nutrients into the soil that, in turn, promote root growth in plant materials. As the logs decay, they expand and contract, creating air pockets that assist in aerating the soil, allowing roots to easily penetrate the soil. This decaying environment creates a beneficial home to earthworms. As the worms burrow into the soil, they loosen the soil and deposit nutrient-rich worm castings, beneficial to plants. An earthworm can produce its weight in castings on a daily basis.  

    The best decayed wood for a Hügelkultur, according to A Growing Culture, comes from alders, applewood, cottonwood, poplar, maple and birch. Use wood products that have been in the process of decay for about a year (using green, or fresh, wood products will rob the soil of necessary nitrogen). Some wood products, like cedar and black walnut, should be avoided because they produce organisms that negatively effect plant growth.   

    Read more at A Growing Culture

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